Normandy Report

Well we made it there and back, Mills the navigator, well Tom Tom really. The weather was kind unless of course you talk to Eric about his journey to Cambridge the night before the trip. It was, or so I was told many times, the worst leg of a journey ever, in all “honesty” he apparently had a tougher time getting down the A14 than Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boreman ever did.

Sadly I didn’t manage to get any of my own pictures of the motorcycling yoga enthusiast who asked me to snap him on his phone camera whilst doing a yoga headstand on the moving Channel Tunnel. Anyway I thought I’d post a few pictures we did take as a little memory blog.

Off to Normandy

Well another little trip. My old school buddy Eric and I are off to Normandy to retrace a few steps of our fathers. Both Neville, Eric’s dad and Arty, my dad served there in 1944.

Eric_IanAs an extra bonus we’re going  on motorcycles, him on his BMW GS1200R and me on the ol’ Triumph Tiger Explorer. One German one British, how’s that for a little irony? It’s been a long time since Eric and I have ridden out together, I think we were teenage meerkats on 125’s the last time, and I have realised there’s been no good reason for that, we just haven’t got off our arses and organised it before. The picture here is from around 1988 to 1990, Eric is no. 97 and I was no. 78. Now if you ask Eric about this picture he’ll swear he was lapping me, but I’m here to tell you I was ahead! I will also admit, grudgingly, that it was a pretty rare occasion!

Arty_Image 0In the mean time I have been able to do a little research on Arty’s war. Most interestingly I have his diary from 1945 which I am in the process of transcribing. Being able to read his day to day notes whilst simultaneously referring to on-line historical accounts of his regiment’s action has been fascinating and at times hugely unnerving. He, although a Warwickshire man served in the 2nd Seaforth Highlanders in the 51st Highland Division. He was transferred to this regiment upon his arrival in Normandy due to the heavy losses they had suffered.

Arty went on to fight all the way from Caen through Belgium, Holland and was amongst the first troops to cross the Rhine into Germany. Anyway when I get all the transcription done I’ll hopefully publish it here along with supporting material for you all to see.

Watch this space!